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Creative Expression

Express your soul!

Being creative is a basic human need. We feel emotions and we need to express emotions. Every single one of us has amazing creative possibilities, because every single one of us has a powerful, beautiful, free soul in us that wants -needs- to express what we feel every day, what we have felt throughout our life.

Sometimes we need to express beautiful things and sometimes we need to express painful things. Accepting this need to express ourselves, being connected with it, and finding outlets for this expression is one of the most powerful ways to free our soul and experience its full, awesome potential.

Creative expression is also a powerful vehicle for self-healing by unlocking and releasing true and deep emotions that we may have denied or repressed. Expressing these emotions in a creative way shines the light of awareness on them and acknowledges the role these emotions play in our life, so that our intuition can tell us how we want to deal with them.

Creative photoediting is a fun way of discovering our inner artist - Image: Composition of woman face, mountains and perched raven (copyrighted)

My preferred means of artistic expression is combining images and words to tell a story. I love photography as a means to tell something. I like my photographs to express something, and maybe make others feel something. Sometimes editing the photograph to convey a particular mood or effect. I like coupling photographs with words that capture the essence of the message and express it from another perspective. Maybe it is just a reference to a movie or a book, or a quote that seems to particularly fit the image. It’s like adding layers upon layers, in the way that different spices are added to a dish to create a round and wholesome taste sensation.

Combining images and texts is another way of enhancing our possibilities of creative expression - Image: Border crossing in Tijuana (copyrighted)

I like crossing borders, especially on foot. Always expecting to trip on that line that I see in the map, but which, in fact, is never there. The landscape, the people, they are the same on either side of that imaginary line, and yet… sometimes the two places are worlds apart. The border symbolises leaving one world behind and entering a new one. A different language, different foods, different sounds and colours… yet people are the same, they go about their lives with the same worries and hopes, with the same search for purpose and happiness. The border is adventure and there is no greater adventure than human life. The couple tenderly embracing each other at the bus station, she is deeply in love, I can see that. The young man nervously clutching his small bag, starting a journey with dreams of job and wealth. The crowd of coworkers laughing and patting each other’s backs. The young mother with two small children trying to make a living by selling impossible items that no one needs. I feel. I feel it all. Like Damiel and Cassiel, I walk amongst humans living absurdly beautiful human lives.

Whether your vehicle to express your creativity is painting, writing, cooking, gardening, carpentry, photography, singing, drawing, dancing or any other activity in which you feel your emotions being expressed, you are an artist. Find your vehicle. Try different things. Express yourself and find all that you can be!

I regularly post some of my creative efforts in the freesouls.holistic.healing page in Instagram.