I am interested in receiving energy healing but I don’t want to be touched at all. Is that possible?

Yes. Energy healing is a hands-off therapy. There is no physical contact between the healer and the client unless specifically agreed on before starting the session. You can also receive energy healing at distance, removing any physical contact at all.

Is energy healing safe?

Yes. Energy healing is delivered in a safe and secure environment. Healers are responsible for keeping themselves in good health, including refraining from giving healing when they are sick or unwell. Energy healing can make some clients emotional and healers are responsible for ensuring that clients are fully present before leaving their practice. I routinely change bedding sheets after treating each client and energetically cleanse my practice room.

Do you cure Aids?

No. Energy healing does not claim to cure any specific diseases, including Aids. As a holistic therapy, energy-based healing considers that physical, mental or spiritual diseases are associated with energy blockages and imbalances, and that restoring energy balance facilitates the natural self-healing processes and makes a contribution towards regaining wellness.

Are you a psychic?

Yes. I am also a scientist.

I am feeling depressed, can you help me?

Yes, I can.

Do I need to believe in this “energy” for energy healing to function?

No, you don’t. Energy healing works independently of your belief system or your religion, in the same way that vegetables nourish your body even if you are not a vegetarian.

Can I get energy healing if I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you inform your midwife or doctor that you are receiving healing.

My father has cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. Can you see him for energy healing too, or must he first be off the chemotherapy?

Your father can receive energy healing while he is on chemotherapy. Energy healing is often used as a complementary therapy concurrently with science-based medicine.

I’ve heard that energy healing is a pseudoscience, what do you have to say about that?

Although we are made of and surrounded by energy, science does not currently have the means to explain energy healing, in the same way that science cannot currently explain the nature of the most abundant form of energy in the universe, dark energy. People saying that energy healing is a pseudoscience should say the same about physical cosmology and astronomy.

Can I bring my four-year-old for healing?

Yes. You should inform those with parental responsibility and a parent or guardian should be present during the healing session.

My psychiatrist says that I’m bipolar but he is wrong. The meds he has prescribed make me angry and depressed. I’m honestly sceptical about western medicine and want to try your therapy. What do you recommend?

You are in your right to choose which kind of therapy is more beneficial to yourself. Energy healing can be beneficial in the treatment of mental health issues, whether by itself or as a complement to western or other type of medicine.

Help me. I want to be happy.

Energy healing can balance your energy systems, which can help you soften or remove energy blockages that are causing you to repeat unhealthy behaviours and making you unhappy. Energy healing can help you become more aware of what you can do to help yourself and give you strength and confidence to reach for the happiness that you deserve.

My mother is bedridden at the hospital and would like your treatment. Can you give her healing there?

Yes, I can visit her at the hospital and give her healing after getting permission from the hospital ward. Please note that there is an additional cost for home/hospital visits.

Why should I trust you?

Four years ago I chose the path of healing for myself and for others and my commitment to that path includes a vow of trustworthiness. I also adhere to a strict code of conduct held by the School of Healing and Intuition and have completed courses on professional ethics at the South African College of Applied Psychology.

You say that you are a psychic. What if you learn something from me that I don’t want anyone to know?

I can only learn intuitively something that you want me to know. If there is something that you don’t want me to know I will not be able to learn that. All communication between healer and client remains confidential, even when that information is intuitive.