Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful therapy to balance our enegy systems - Image: Woman receiving energy healing (sourced from Spafinder)

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic therapy that addresses the causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort or disease at the energy level. It has also been referred to as energy medicine, spiritual healing and laying-on of hands. Energy healing recognises and works with the intrinsic reality of the more subtle aspects of our nature – our energy.

We, as the reality that surrounds us, are made of energy. The surrounding energy flows in and out of us providing energetic sustenance to our body, mind and spirit. When the flow of energy into or within our energy system is weak, blocked or distorted, we experience uneasiness, discomfort, pain or disease. The actual manifestation of the energy distortion, the apparent symptoms, can be physical, such as an stomach ulcer; mental, such as confusion or anxiety; emotional, such as sadness or hopelessness; or spiritual, such as unhappiness or depression.

What happens during a healing session?

My role as energy healer is to identify what is causing a distorted energy flow and to favour the conditions to restore a healthy flow that will allow your energy system to heal itself. During a healing session I make use of intuition and high sense perception to scan your energy system and to sense what energy therapy techniques to use in order to release blocks or enhance energy flow.

This is followed by me channeling universal energy through my hands to balance your energy field. Standard healing sessions include scanning of energy systems, balancing of chakras, meridians clearing and aura cleansing.

Specific healing interventions such as cutting of energy cords, ancestral healing and soul retrieval may be performed on request.

Sessions typically last 30 minutes, during which you lie down on a healing table, fully clothed and fully aware. There is no physical contact unless specifically agreed to touch shoulders and feet. I strictly adhere to the code of conduct of the School of Intuition and Healing in London (internationally accredited).

As a complement to energy healing, I also offer coaching sessions on energy management. These sessions will aid you in maintaining and increasing your energy levels throughout the day by teaching you how to receive energy and how to protect yourself from people or situations that reduce your energy.

Energy healing is endorsed as a complementary therapy by international accrediting bodies such as the British Alliance of Healing Associations, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (UK) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (USA).

I offer energy healing sessions on appointment. Bookings and enquiries can be done in my contact page.

See the fees for energy healing sessions.