Anger Mgmt for Couples workshop

You love your partner but your fights are getting more frequent and uglier?

You don’t know how to talk to her any more because she always gets offended?

You worry that you can’t tell him how you feel and you’re starting to drift apart?

She expects you to read her mind and then gets mad when you don’t?

He yells at you and then he wants to have sex?

. . . . .

This is the workshop that you have been waiting for.

Join this workshop for a radical shift in how you deal with anger in your relationship. Your anger and your partner’s anger are there for a reason: they are showing you something in your relationship that you want to change. Therefore you have to first respect and value that anger, not fear or reject it. By acknowledging the role that anger is playing and how you are using that anger, you can shed light on the deeper issues that need addressing and you can start making positive changes.

We spend the first part of the workshop learning about anger: about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of it. As you get more comfortable with the full meaning of anger you will learn where your anger is coming from, what triggers you in daily life, and what your hidden reservoirs of anger are. You will see how and when you learned to feel or not feel anger, to express or not express anger and to deal or not deal with it. You will identify what kind of “angerista” you are. And you will see why almost everything you learned about dealing with anger doesn’t work in your relationships.

In the second part of the workshop we plunge directly into how we act, enact and react to anger in our relationships. You will learn about the roles that you play in co-creating situations in which anger is managed healthily or not. You and your partner will have an honest look and find out what are you really trying to achieve using anger: control, manipulation, self-esteem, attention. You will explore negative behaviours and why you feel drawn to behave like that. As a group we will examine some real-life angry situations that you can suggest to me before the workshop. By developing a common acceptance that we all have similar situations to deal with, we create a safe space to share our personal experiences to the extent that you feel comfortable.

The last part of the workshop focuses on practical strategies to avoid, defuse or control-explode angry situations. You will learn effective communication skills and techniques to manage your and your partner’s anger. These techniques will also help you identify areas where you and your partner have to work separately or work together. More importantly, you will come out of this workshop having realized that your anger is necessary and valuable, and that you and your partner have to work on this together and with honesty.

The workshop is designed to be attended by couples or individuals. Attendance is limited to 12 people so early booking is recommended. Investment for this workshop is R750 to be EFT’ed in advance. The next Anger Management for Couples workshop is scheduled for September 21st, 2019, Saturday, from 9 am to 1:30 pm.

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