Giving & Receiving

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Healing takes many forms. Healing has, like any other human interaction, a two-way effect. The healer gives healing to the healed and, in turn, the healed gives healing to the healer by receiving their healing.

Healing is Giving and Receiving. It works both ways.

Giving and receiving heal both the giver and the receiver - Image: Hands gifting a small plant to cupped hands receiving it

That is the essence of my Giving & Receiving programme at freesouls.

This programme gives you the opportunity to, if you can afford it, make a donation towards healing services for someone who may be in need but unable to afford it.

And this programme gives you the opportunity to receive healing also if you have genuine financial difficulties that prevent you from payment. In this way the receiver receives the gift of healing and the giver receives the healing of giving. And both receive the insight of compassion.

I hereby make a pledge to match any donation to the Giving & Receiving programme with the equivalent amount in healing services. Therefore every donation you make to this fund is automatically doubled.

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