Last year I fell down on my concrete garden steps whilst holding my son which resulted in hairline fractures of three lumbar vertebrae and a torn lumbar muscle. I remained in hospital and rehab for 3 weeks. Carlos gave me 8 weekly sessions of energy healing both at the hospital and rehabilitation centre and later at my home. Doctors and nursing staff were impressed with the speed of my recovery and I was discharged one week before scheduled. Both my neurologist and my physiotherapist remarked on the rapid recovery and healing response of my spine and lumbar muscle. I am very grateful for Carlos’ energy healing. The 8 sessions had a definitely positive impact on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Carlos’s intuition towards my sacral area was also spot on and motivated me to book additional counselling sessions to address personal and relationship issues. Carlos’ has a very professional and gentle approach that immediately made me feel safe in his company.

J.B. — Massage Therapist

I really enjoy Carlos nature, his ability to truly understand how I am feeling and how he provides me with thought provoking insights and practical advice/guidance. Thank you Carlos!

J.W. — Digital Marketing Consultant

I went to see Carlos because I was at a transitional time in my life, needing to let go of the past and move forward into new endeavours, and feeling overburdened with my work. The first two sessions were very interesting as I seemed to have a very strong somatic (body) response. I had a feeling of heaviness almost difficult to breathe and a strong separation of the top and bottom halves of my body. After the third session I began to feel lighter and more creative after sessions, and more focused about my future. By our last (8th) session I felt that my energy had completely shifted, as I felt a lot lighter and less burdened. Carlos’ approach is very professional, calm and gentle, creating a safe and very caring therapy space. He gives guidance without pushing unwelcome information but was very informative when I asked for more explanation about my experience. My healing sessions with him were enlightening, nurturing and embedded in kindness; a very meaningful experience that has produced significant shifts in my life.

C.B. — Clinical Psychologist

The energy healing and coaching I received from Carlos was such a gift. It taught me about my blindspots and showed me how I was getting in the way of what I wanted. I always felt calmer and more balanced after sessions.

S.K. — Educator and Entrepreneur

At the end of last year I went to see Carlos because I was at an all-time low in my life. I was really in a deep dark place and was actually scared of what might happen. Carlos immediately made time for me and we had five counselling sessions in just over two weeks. His intuition blew me away. Already in the first session he honed in into what was the root of my issues and presented it to me in a very gentle but direct manner. Every session was very emotional and also empowering. After five sessions I felt like a complete different person, much lighter and positive about the experience that almost sunk me. I am very grateful to Carlos for helping me realise my blind spots and especially for helping me value myself. Carlos’ has a kind and gentle presence and a strength of character that is infectious and empowering. He seems to know intuitively which are the underlying issues and the best way to approach them. He was a blessing to me.

A.P. — Managing Director