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Finding Courage:

Breaking the Attachment to Suffering

Attachment to suffering (AtS) is one of the hardest psychological-spiritual conditions to live with. This condition is felt as a profound dissatisfaction with life and with one self, even when most other things in one’s life are good or very good. It goes deeper than pessimism, melancholy, sadness or occasional depression; it goes to the core and soul of the person, who finds it impossible to let go of feeling deeply hurt and lonely. Most people with AtS hide these feelings because they are ashamed of them and because they don’t understand why they feel that way.

People with Attachment to Suffering often are highly successful in their professional careers, are very active, extrovert, highly sociable, and engaged with their families; yet their AtS is always there and always felt no matter what they do. They usually wear a mask of happiness because for other people it is almost impossible to comprehend that they may be unhappy.

AtS can affect people from all walks of life. What is common amongst them is a permanent sense of inner dissatisfaction that the person doesn’t know how to avoid. Some think that life has been unfair to them; others may even think that they don’t deserve happiness.

This is a healing workshop for people with AtS and for people living closely to someone with AtS. In this workshop you will start to heal from this condition and will learn the tools that you need to break the attachment.

Attendance is limited to 10 people so early booking is recommended. Investment for this workshop is R750 per person to be EFT’ed in advance. The next Finding Courage: Breaking the Attachment to Suffering workshop is scheduled for November 30th, 2019, Saturday, from 9 am to 1:30 pm.

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